Saturday, October 8, 2016

Huntington Lake 2016

This is the 2016 Hungtinton Lake Quilt Camp Gang...
Front row left to right:  Maggie Bomgren, Marilyn Peters Jennifer Ogawa
Center: Tanya Blomgen
Back Row: Dotty Warkentine, Susan Hernandez, and Vicki Poston

This is what I worked on this year. It is from the Farm Girl Book by Lori Holt.

 These square all have the same focus fabric in them.  This quilt is a friendship quilt with the ladies from Mennonite Community Church and the North Fresno Mennonite Quilters.

Silly Cinderella Tanya. She wanted an apron she can flounce around in, like Cinderella. This is her first apron she made and it is so cute and flouncy.  IDK is flouncy a word.  It is to her.  I love her, she makes quilt camp sew much fun. (and no, sew is not a typo)

 Vicki's Class time.  We all learned how to make these great rope bowls. Thank you Vicki for being such a patient teacher.

Crazy Bowl Hat

Marilyn's grand-daughter brought this fabric to her from Africa.

The weekend was beautiful. 70's in the day, and 40's at night. 

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